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7 Activities That Hurt Our Immune Systems

Our immune system helps us fight back against disease and illness. As we get older, it's more important than ever to maintain strong immunity through eating right, exercise, and overall healthy living. However, certain bad habits and situations can actually damage our immune system without us even realizing.

Care 2 offers us the seven worst habits that many of us are guilty of on a daily basis that could affect our system in a negative fashion:

1. Smoking. No medical professional believes that cigarettes offer any health benefit at all. However, alongside causing lung cancer and heart problems, cigarettes can also lower our immune systems.

2. Excessive Alcohol. Many of us like to have a drink every now and again. In certain cases, it may even be beneficial to our health, such as the occasional glass of red wine. However, excessive drinking can hit our immune system hard because it suppresses the ability of white blood cells to multiply.

3. Insufficient Sleep. Everybody needs rest. There's no way around it. When someone pushes their body too far without some form of rejuvenation, your immune system will be one of the first items to suffer.

4. Stress. Yes, everyone has stress. But constant anxiety and worry have a tendency to attack your immune system. Remember, for the sake of your health, try and keep calm, cool, and collected, even during stressful times.

5. Junk Food. Sugary sweets may make your taste buds feel better, but just like alcohol, they have the capacity to stunt white cell count growth, which will affect your immune system.

6. Excessive exercising. You read that right. Too little exercise will affect your immune system, as will extreme exercising. Yet a moderate amount of physical activity can actually boost it.

7. Isolation. While being around people that are sick will definitely give your immune system a fight for its money, the anxiety that comes with isolating yourself from friends and family can be just as detrimental.

Your immune system needs your help so it can help you! Stay away from these vices and activities so you can be healthy throughout flu season and all year long.

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