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The Best Caffeine Alternatives For Seniors

Let's face it - we love caffeine. Most of us ingest this popular chemical through coffee or tea on a daily basis. It helps us get ready to take on the day, and many of us even need an extra dose in the afternoon. But when we get older, we are often negatively affected by caffeine in a variety of ways. Even if we refrain from drinking coffee in the later afternoon, it can keep us up late at night. It often presents effects of feeling shaky, irritability, anxiety, restlessness, upset stomachs, and even an accelerated heartbeat.

Even though caffeine is legal and widely accepted, it is, in fact, a psychoactive drug. It's often debated in the medical community if it is considered "addictive," although it's easy to see how someone who is used to caffeine's energy giving effects to suffer without them. Seniors should be particularly careful when taking in caffeinated products, even ones with lower potency like chocolate and lighter teas.

Luckily, we can still get energy with the following alternatives:

  • B12 Vitamins - This popular vitamin is known to give people jumpstarts in the morning as well as mental clarity. Consult a physician if you wish to add B12 to your daily regiment.
  • Gingko Balboa - Widely known for its ability to benefit one's memory, Gingko Balboa can help people have better focus, energy, and creativity.
  • Apples - An apple is a natural way to kick-start your metabolism, thereby giving you a healthy boost of energy. Of course, you won't get the same jolt you would by drinking a latte, but apples are healthy in every way and are far from addicting.
  • Wheatgrass Juice - Many nutrition fans are big fans of wheatgrass and its many health effects. Wheatgrass improves many parts of your bodily system, including energy production.
  • Ginseng - Ginseng is a powerful root that is used in teas and often available in capsules. Keep note, ginseng is not without its own effects similar to caffeine.

As you can see, while the whole world is hooked on coffee and tea, you don't have to be. Seniors may benefit from exploring alternative energy solutions such as the above suggestions to start their day off right in a healthy way.