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What's In Your Coffee?

Coffee helps many of us stay awake and productive throughout the day. Just smelling America's favorite drink can make some people smile. Most of us add a bit of sweetener to coffee to add a bit of flavor. Unfortunately, this adds a whole lot of unnecessary calories and sugars to our diet.

How can we possibly enjoy a cup of coffee and stay healthy? Everyday Health offers some low-sugar ways to make this drink sweet while still staying healthy.

  • Vanilla. Everyday Health explains that a few drops of vanilla extract to your cup of coffee can add a sweet flavor to your coffee. One teaspoon will add a half a gram of sugar and 12 calories. Sounds like a sweet deal!
  • Cinnamon. Good news - for the price of 6 calories per teaspoon, cinnamon can add a zing to your cuppa’ joe.
  • Nutmeg. You'll thank us for this one when pumpkin spice returns. 12 calories per teaspoon will make you think of autumn as you sip.

It may seem simple, but these three spices are great additions to your morning (or afternoon, or evening) cup of coffee. You will now be able to enjoy coffee guilt free!

For more information, check out Everyday Health